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Case ID Plaintiff Defendant Date
23DR-15-1112 Tristen Raines Mandy Raines 11/18/2015 Details
23DR-15-1113 OCSE Fabian J Jackson 11/18/2015 Details
23DR-15-1111 Melody Shannon Walker Joshua David Walker 11/17/2015 Details
23DR-15-1109 Joyce Ashley Wyles Atkinson Justin Ray Atkinson 11/16/2015 Details
23DR-15-1110 Ramona Kay Maldonado Alvino H Maldonado 11/16/2015 Details
23DR-15-1103 Tonya L Valentine Chad Valentine 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1104 Patsy Troutman Hesson Gary Herman Hesson 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1105 Cashana L Grayson Leon M Grayson 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1106 Shannon L Stivers Jason R Stivers 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1107 Tirso Burgara Lopez Norma T Galindo Castillo 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1108 Dana L Mayben Theodore J Mayben 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1101 Keely A Crouch Teddy L Crouch 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1102 Chris J Beard Romunda A Beard 11/13/2015 Details
23DR-15-1097 Jene Nicole Proffett Danny William Proffett Jr 11/12/2015 Details
23DR-15-1098 Derek Lipe Stephanie Lipe 11/12/2015 Details
23DR-15-1099 Candace Conway Jamon Evans 11/12/2015 Details
23DR-15-1100 Anita Reddig Marion Amanda Easley 11/12/2015 Details
23DR-15-1094 Stephen L Chouinard Dana K Chouinard 11/10/2015 Details
23DR-15-1095 Jennifer Marie Wells Ronald Alvin Weatherford 11/10/2015 Details
23DR-15-1096 Peggy Parks Lawrence E Parks 11/10/2015 Details